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The Baby Milestone Development on hTheir First 7 Month


Four to seven months is the bright development of the baby. In this age, baby will learn on how to coordinate their sense and movement. They will start to move their body, response to a thing and feel. Their motorist

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The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 3 Months


On their first three months, baby has continued to grow up faster. They will become a responsive and active baby. Baby will be able to control their own body independently and lost their newborn reflect. They will be very careful

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The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 1 Month


The first month age baby is very cute. They have nothing but eat, cry, and sleep. They also will be able to fill their diapers. Parents must be tired on this baby’s age. It is because the baby cannot do

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The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 12 Months


Baby with the age of 12 is a new challenge for parents. The baby is very mobile and active. The parents can be tired on following the baby’s movement. Moreover, baby will be actively moving their body to find the

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Baby’s Common Disease and How to Take It Care


Knowing the physical condition of the baby is important for parents. Because of the baby’s immune system is still not stable, the physical condition of the baby is susceptible to various diseases. If the baby’s illness is not treated immediately,

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Building Cognitive Intelligence for 8-12 Month Baby


Infants in the age range of eight to twelve months can learn specific things with. Although you see it more troublesome and cannot be silent, in fact, they are very excited to see all the things around. Suppose all objects

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Building Cognitive Intelligence for 4-7 Month Baby


Baby was designed to learn about the disease since he was a newborn. As a parent, you sometimes became curious indeed, the extent to which your baby has been learning and growing. Actually all babies will learn and develop best

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Vision Development on Baby’s First Year


Recognizing the growth of your baby will be very useful. Some parents should be equipped with the knowledge vision capability when the baby is developing well with the following conditions: Newborns are able to see, but still limited. Eye movement

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Understand Newborn Baby’s Personality


Many of the baby’s condition are confusing for parents. Identify the features of the baby become important. Usually parents will suspect the two following cases: The first baby was very quiet both when awake and asleep. Tend to be quiet

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Reading Newborn Baby’s Digestive Health


Knowing Newborn Baby’s Health Form Their Pee Newborns will very often pee. This little baby will have a frequency pee every 3 hours, or at least 4 times a day. When you have your baby pee frequency is reduced, there

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