Baby Digestion Condition and How to Maintain it

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The baby needs to have a good eating pattern. Therefore, he will get a proper nutrition for his development and growth. However, the good digestion system is also needed to have. Because, a routine and proper stool means your baby’s body system is in good condition. Therefore, you need to have careful monitor of your baby’s stool in case of any constipation.

For a newborn baby, stooling every once a day is normal. Therefore, if your baby is stooling less, it may cause by the insufficient feeding. However, after the first month, the stooling may become rarer. Because, the body is absorbing nutrition more than the usual number since this is the time where baby have a rapid growth. Therefore, if your baby does not have a stool every day, it is not an alarming condition.

The rare stooling is also can cause by the difficulties the baby had to get the stool out. It could take a while for him to do it. Therefore, it is not weird if he chooses not to have it every day. To help your baby stooling easier, you can try many ways. First, you can try to give him some apple or pear juice. It is highly functional to make the digestion process easier. Alternatively, if your baby already able to digest solid food, make sure that he receives the proper amount of vegetables and fruits.

Although stooling difficulties is often happened in baby, you still need to be cautious by the possibility of severe disease. You might want to take your baby to the doctor if the stool is mixed with blood. You should also be cautious if the stool is taking longer than usual. Furthermore, if your baby is also suffering from spitting up, you need to be aware of a more severe illness. Take your baby to the doctor if those symptoms appear.

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