Best Time to Stop the Breast Feeding

Best Time to Stop the Breast Feeding 2

Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate times for a mother and her baby. This is the time when the bond is formed, and as time goes by, the bond is starting to be tightly tied that sometimes it is difficult to break. This is exactly what usually happens in the process of stop the breast feeding. It could be quite difficult since your baby and you have developed such practice that to dismiss it will be very hard and even heart breaking to deal with.

There is actually no general rule about the best time to stop breastfeeding. Some baby nutritionist said that the breast feeding as the main consumption of the baby is very important to have between the periods of newborn up to six month. However, the intensity of the breast feeding will naturally decrease after the first six months time, since the baby will start to know solid food as their new source of food. At this point, the breast milk will be an additional supplement. Besides, it can also be some comforting practice that your baby still grows only in the set time such as bed time.

For the baby, breast feeding is not just some meal time. It is also the time when he gets to have his mother completely. The practice is developing stronger as the months pass by. Therefore, do not be upset if for some baby, giving up on the breastfeeding could be quite difficult. You may see a lot of crying and wining from your baby. However, some other baby can also be easily let go of the breast feeding. It could be caused by the instinct of exploring new things. Whichever response that your baby shows, you should be responsive and make it easier for him to deal with the process.

Meanwhile, for the mother, stopping the breastfeeding can also be difficult. Because, the mother may feel as if she is going to lose the special moment between her and her baby. This is very natural because each mother should have her own fear and needs of getting close to her baby. Therefore, the quitting breastfeeding process should be taken slowly to keep a positive and adaptive response from both the mother and the baby as well in order to prevent any shock or the forming of neglected sense from either side.

Nevertheless, quitting breastfeeding is actually inevitable. Because, the baby is still having to stop the breastfeeding eventually. It is not possible that a kid still has his breastfeeding until he is old. Therefore, there is never a word too soon to stop the breast feeding because it completely depends on your need, as well as a situation. Especially, if there are several supporting factor such as mother’s need to start experiencing the life outside of the house or because of job reason. Whatever the reason is, make sure that it is the best decision for you and that you have the best strategy to perform it well.

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