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Umbilical Crad Core For New Born Babies


For new born babies, keeping the umbilical cord dry and clean is necessary. The cord is needed to dry and clean until it is wrinkle and fall. For 5 to 21 days babies, it is important to not to do

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Rashes and Skin Conditions of Babies


Parents often get panicked if they find rashes or any abnormal occurring on their babies’ skin. However, you don’t need to too much worry about that. Most of them are not dangerous. Even if it is, you just need to

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Nail Care for Baby’s Fingers and Toes


Taking care of the nails of your baby’s fingers, and toes can be a fun activity and also a way to get closer to your baby. You have to keep your baby’s nail short and smoothly trimmed so he/ she

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Health care for Your Son: Treating Circumcised and Uncircumcised Penis


First of all, we would like to discuss circumcised penis. If you want your son to be circumcised, this procedure can be done in the hospital on two or three days after the birth process. However, if you want to

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Health care for Your Son: Treating Uncircumcised Penis


In the initial years of your son, the foreskin will separate from the head of their penis. The time for this is different from one to another. For some boys, their foreskins are separated right after the birth, and even

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Tips for Treating Your Baby’s Cradle Cap


You may think of stop giving shampoo to your baby as you see some scales and redness on the baby’s scalp. The redness may also be able to be found in the creases of neck, behind the ears and armpits.

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Steps on Bathing your Newborn Babies: Sponge and Water Bathing


Baby actually doesn’t need to take a bath as frequent as adults. The baby doesn’t need frequent bathing in case you to wash the baby thoroughly as you change his diaper. If you bath your baby for three times each

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Tips for Preventing Baby Sunburn


For adults, getting tan could be something that you wish a lot, however, doesn’t mean that you are free from subburn. In a skin of adults that have been developed you also in risk of sunburn. Then, of course in

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