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Breastfeeding Supply and Demand


For new mothers, breastfeeding can be confusing. Colostrums supply that does not match with the expectations and behavior of infants who do not fit with what mom’s expected could happen. Formulate appropriate breastfeeding rhythm with supply and demand is critical.

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Hygiene Tips for Breastfeeding


Cleanliness in breastfeeding is very important to note. Infants in the breastfeeding age have immune systems which are still vulnerable to some diseases. Although breastfeeding is good for baby’s immunity, preventive things need to be done by mothers to prevent

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Relaxation for Breastfeeding Mother


For relaxation is important for nursing mothers. If the milk supply decreases, the relaxation will help to restore the mother’s milk supply. The baby’s mouth when it hits the mother’s nipple will also be a stimulus for the mother’s body

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Psychological Benefits of Breastfeeding for Children


Breastfeeding has many benefits for babies. Closeness between mother and baby is the effect of the oxytocin hormone production. Motherly attitude will arise, and the mother will feel want to protect their children. Children will feel more secure in addition

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Tips Breast Milk for Premature and Sick Babies


Premature and sick babies are challenge mother while they want to breastfeed the babies. But breast milk becomes important for them for the baby’s immunity. If the baby cannot breastfeed after they birth, the mother can provide milk via bottle

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Know Your Type Nipples


Know the type of nipple is important for a woman. At least, by knowing the type of nipple, women can get the easiness of breastfeeding. There are three types of nipples. Types which are flat, inverted, and pierced nipples. Each

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Comfortable Position for Breastfeeding


Finding a comfortable position for breastfeeding is important for a mother. Comfortable position will make the breast milk flows, and baby can drink it well. The following are some common breastfeeding a position performed and tips for a position that

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Can Pregnant Mom Perform Nursing?


Pregnant women who are still having children in the breastfeeding age sometimes have problems with their breast milk. It is called tandem nursing. However, breastfeeding and pregnant at the same time is very likely to happen, and it can be

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Treatment and Prevention Action for Mastitis


The hygiene of the mother is needed to be carefully taken care of. Because, it will affecting the mother as well as the baby health since they are will be sharing food from breastfeeding. Do not allow your breast dirty

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How to Breastfeed Two Children at Once


It is not uncommon for a woman to give birth to a child while she is still having a toddler to take care of. The age could be separated by a year or two, and it is possible and also

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