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The History of Formula Business


Dairy business is a promising business. Dairy business has become a family business. The business growing faster since the demand of formula is growing waster too. Since more than two centuries ago, many American dairy companies are built and expanded

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Basic Things about Bottle Feeding


There are many things that parents need to know about bottle feeding. The most fundamental difference between bottle feeding and breastfeeding is the parents know how much milk that their baby need. The parents can calculate how much they need

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Bad Side and the Good Side of Formula Feeding


Sometimes, mom wants their freedom from breastfeeding. Mom needs their own time for working or her own self. With this, mom will need bottled milk to make her easier in nursing. Bottled milk will be very helpful on nursing. It

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When Baby Ready for Their Solid Food?


After birth, newborns are likely to have breast milk as the only food supply. The milk from her mom contains much nutrition which is necessary for the growth of the baby. Giving an exclusive breastfeeding is also important for baby.

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The Important Note to Avoid Bpa


There is a common chemical which is used on plastic. The chemical is bisphenol A or usually called BPA. BPA is a chemical that usually contained on bottle or plastic to strengthen plastics and make the plastic sterile. The chemical

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Composition of the Amount of Formula Milk’s Schedule


Formula feeding is common for baby. When baby firstly feed with formula, baby will take 60 to 90 ml each time baby eat. Formula will become the complement of breastfeeding. You can start to offer formula in the first month

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