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Oxygen for Babies at Home


Being born before their due date may cause some complications on your babies. One of those complications is dealing with your babies’ ability to breathe in the open air. Because of your babies’ condition that is unable to maintain their

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Complications of Preterm Babies


You must have a lot of worries of your preterm babies. Being afraid of bad things may become your friend. When your babies get better you may feel relief but it is not over yet. There are still some medical

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Transitioning from NICU to a Crib


If your babies are born before the due date, your doctors are likely to place your babies in the incubator or radiant warmer. It is to help your babies to stay warm and grow well. Your babies may have some

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Parents on Intermediate Care Experience


Some babies do need the services of the NICU, but not all medical experts agree on this. There are several cases of babies found then transferred to a local hospital close to home, with limited facilities. This is indeed a

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Premature Baby Sleeping Problem


Premature babies will have different activities with sleeping infants of normal birth. They will find it hard to find a rhythm and sleep more easily awakened. Some premature babies are also troubled by the lack of sleep because often awake

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Premature Baby Development


Having a baby with preterm birth must be a wedge for some parents. They will be concerned with the stages of infant development. The problem is some babies do not get developmental stages of premature babies born as normal. Although

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Neonatologist Supporting Team on NICU


Each NICU will have support staff running the service. They play a role not only in the medical condition but also on non-medical condition. As a parent, you need to know this, so you are not confused to ask for

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Neonatologist Primary Integrated Team on NICU


You definitely do not ever think the existence of a special team stationed in the ICU specifically address emergencies in infants for 24 hours in a day. This is a team that will provide emergency care to babies who suffer

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Common Health Problems Facing Premature Infants


Condition of premature infants is especially vulnerable. They are often born with the variety of problems in the organs and have a high possibility of organ malfunction. In recent times, many developed countries have not been able to reduce the

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Welcoming the Presence of a Premature Baby in Your Home


Welcome Premature Babies: When They Come Too Fast Have a premature baby would indeed require more attention. They present to the world much faster than any other normal baby. This makes them vulnerable. Parents should be giving out more attention

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