Know Your Type Nipples

Know Your Type Nipples

Know the type of nipple is important for a woman. At least, by knowing the type of nipple, women can get the easiness of breastfeeding. There are three types of nipples. Types which are flat, inverted, and pierced nipples. Each nipple type has a different character.

Flat nipples

Flat nipple usually has a slightly protruding nipple. Flat woman’s nipple will experience some difficulties of breastfeeding because the baby is difficult to get a comfortable position while drinking breast milk.

Inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are a little more difficult than flat nipple. Women who have inverted nipples have a higher risk of injury on the breast surface. Women who have this kind of breasts should need stimulus tool help. In some women, after giving birth, their nipples will naturally stand out so they will not have problems when breastfeeding.

Pierced nipples

Piercing does not interfere with breastfeeding. Nevertheless there is a risk of infection that can be transmitted to the baby if the mother has an infection from her piercing. Moreover, in the part of pierced nipple could leak. It is common and does not have a significant risk. Consultation with your doctor is important for the mother during nursing.

Some traditional methods to fix the nipple is said to be effective. Breast shells and Exercise Manual to encourage the nipple to stand out, which is called rolling the nipple is not considered a significant effect. Consult with your doctor to get a solution is the most correct answer in addressing this problem.

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