The Baby Milestone Development on hTheir First 7 Month

7 month baby

Four to seven months is the bright development of the baby. In this age, baby will learn on how to coordinate their sense and movement. They will start to move their body, response to a thing and feel. Their motorist capabilities will be improved and then the baby will be more reactive and responsive.

Motorist Improvement

On the first 7 months, baby will be able to roll side by side. They also will be able to sit down without assistance. The baby also will be able to stand with their weight. The baby will be able to reach things with one hand. They also will be able to move an object from one hand to the other. The cognitive improvement also finds the hidden stuff and explores an object with their mouth and hand. The baby will be more attractive because they will try to reach the object they cannot reach. The baby will be able to develop their vision on full color.

Social and Languages Improvements

7 months are a very important time for baby to improve their language capabilities. They will respond to their name whenever their name is called. They also can answer with “no”. They will be able to respond the voice and notice the different tone. They can answer the sound by responsive sound. They are like babble and use voice to response the other voice in this age. They will be interested in the mirror, play with friends, and respond to other people expressions.

However, mom need to be aware if the baby is stiff, floppy, and cannot roll their body. The attention need to be paid if the baby only able to reach the object by one hand. Moreover, if the baby is refuse to cuddle. If the baby does not response to other people who care, the parents must be aware on the baby’s response. Moreover, parent should be aware if the baby does not like in the middle of the other people. The other not responsive action of the baby such as does not respond and turn their head to sounds, and does not respond to the light. The parents also need to be aware if the baby cannot get the object to their mouth, does not smile to respond a care, do not able to sit, and follow an object with the eyes. Baby is babbling. If the baby cannot babble, mom must be a worry. If those signs above are present to the baby, mom needs to consult with a doctor to know the cause.

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