The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 1 Month

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The first month age baby is very cute. They have nothing but eat, cry, and sleep. They also will be able to fill their diapers. Parents must be tired on this baby’s age. It is because the baby cannot do things independently. They only know if their needs are met. At the end of their first months, the baby will be very responsive.

Movements Improvement

In their first month, baby will be able to take their hand on their mouth, makes jerky, thrust, and moves had side by side. They will have strong hand reflex. In this age, baby will be very active. Unless the physical improvements, baby will be able to focus on an object placed 8 or 12 inches in front of them. They also will be able to make preference on the color. They will notice human faces and patterns. They will be able to respond on sound. They will love to response music.

Baby’s Favorite smell

In the first month, baby love sweet smell and avoid bitter smile. They will be able to recognize their mom’s smell especially the mom’s breast milk. They love smooth object and respond to it. They will dislike the rough handling.

Hence, mother should be aware if their baby does not feed vastly. The baby tends to eat slowly and lazy. The mother also must be aware on their baby if the baby does not have any reflect on the bright light. The babies’ visual might be disturbed when they are not responding to the moving objects. The parent also must be a worry and call the doctor if the baby does not cry or exited toward a thing.

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