The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 12 Months

Developmental Milestones  12 Months

Baby with the age of 12 is a new challenge for parents. The baby is very mobile and active. The parents can be tired on following the baby’s movement. Moreover, baby will be actively moving their body to find the new experiences. The baby will fill independent to do many things. Just do not limit the baby’s movement. Let them express their self and assist them to prevent their movement from any injury. There are many milestones movement of baby that can be recognized by the baby’s parents.

Some Milestone Movements

In their first 12 months, baby will be able to sit down without any assistance easily. Baby also will be able to crawl on their belly forward by pulling their arms and pushing their legs together. They also will be able to push their own self to stand. In more development, baby will be able to assume knees and hands position and then Creeps on hands and knees. They will be able to grab the furniture to help them walk. This is the first step before walking. They also will be able to stand in a moment without help. In the coupe of weeks, they will be able to stand and walk.

In the more cognitive development, baby will be able to grab the stone, use pincer grasp, move stuff out and into the container, pokes, tries to mimic writing. They will observe more on an object. They will shake, throwing, and banging the objects. They also will be able to find hidden stuff. They will notice on the picture with its name correctly. They will recognize the other people gesture and try to mimic it. They will be able to drink with a cup, eat with a spoon, and use the object correctly based on its functions.

Social Capabilities

In their first 12 months, baby also will be able to recognize languages. They will pay attention to the people who speak, respond to a simple word, and will be able to use simple gesture such as no and yes. They will start to call their papa and mama. This is a very interesting improvement for parents. They will be very happy when their child can say papa and mama. Baby also will be able to babble. They will try to imitate some simple words.

With the role of the languages, the development of the baby’s role is also happened on their social life. They will be able to feel shy and anxious, cries because of fears, and will have preference on the things they like. They will have preferable toys. They also will prefer on mom or dad depends on the intensity they met. They will be able to do their own finger feed. They will try to mimic the gesture of people around her.

This is a very active time development of the baby. The baby will be assisted to do things that the parents expect. However, do not worry if the baby skill developed differently from the parent’s expectation. Parents only need to be worry if the baby cannot be able to crawl, drags one side of their body, stand when supported, does no has reflected on the object that is hidden when they watch it, say a word, does not learn the gesture, and cannot point to an object in they are first eight to twelve months. Tell your pediatrics because may be something happen and disturb your baby’s development.

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