The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 3 Months

The Baby Milestone Development on Their First 3 Months

On their first three months, baby has continued to grow up faster. They will become a responsive and active baby. Baby will be able to control their own body independently and lost their newborn reflect. They will be very careful and watch their finger movement, hand, and simple movement of their body. Their parent must recognize some development of their physical capabilities.

Physical Capabilities Improvement

Baby will be able to raise their head and hand, support their upper body, and stretch their body when they lay on their stomach. They also will be able to open and shut their hand freely. They will be able to push down their leg and bring their hand into their mouth. They also will be able to shake and grapes the object with their hand. They also will have some visual capabilities development such as watch face intently, following the moving objects and recognize the familiar objects, coordinating eyes and hand, response to the sound and turning their hand to the sound, babble, and mimicking sounds.

Social Capabilities Improvement

The baby will have some social capabilities such as responding people with a smile and respond to the people when they are asked to play together. They will be crying when they are stopping playing. They will be very attractive and responsive toward other people. They will be able to imitate some movements and gesture that they watch.

However, the parents should be aware if the baby on that ages is not responding the loud sounds, notice their own hands, following moving objects, grapes and hold the objects, and respond to the people who want to communicate with them. The parent must be worried if their baby is not babbling or babble but do not imitate. Just call your pediatrics directly because the baby’s development might be disturbed.

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