The Best Solution for Latching Position

The best solution for Latching Position

Many people think that a baby is born with the natural instinct of breast feeding. This is not entirely true actually. Some babies are indeed can find the nipples easily, while some others may deal with difficulties for it. Therefore, the baby is still going to need a direction to find the nipples and the mother should be the one guiding him. And here are the simple solutions for it that you can easily try.

The first thing to make a good latch will definitely be the position. Try as many as positions as possible so you will know what is the best and most comfortable position for you and your baby. If your baby often chocked up, the lying position will be better because it can decrease the pressure of your milk flow. Furthermore, regularly change the breast side, so that each breast will have a chance to exceed the milk.

Not only the place, the process of the nipples gets into your baby’s mouth is also crucial. Hold your breast with one hand with your thumb behind the areola, and gently get your baby mouth close to it. If the mouth is closed, you can stroke it gently with your nipple so that the mouthhave a small opening. Repeat it for several times until your nipples could get in. However, one thing you must always remember is that you need to make sure that it is the baby’s head that approaching your nipples, not your nipple that is forced to his mouth. Because, if things goes wrong you may get your baby suffocating.

For first time mother, breast feeding could be quite uncomfortable. Especially the sucking part, which can cause small of pain. However, this soon shall pass, and you will have the comfort as soon as you and your baby find the suitable place for both of you. Therefore, it is best to keep trying to find the best position and not giving up.

If you find the best latching site for you and your baby remember that it is not only useful for the baby since he will be able to get the best nutrition, there is. It will also be useful you because then you get to exceed your milk and have your breast well treated to prevent any engorgement, sore feeling, or swollen. Therefore, the best latching position should always be your main priority. Consult with the professional if you find more difficulties.

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