Things you can do to Break Your Baby Gas

the baby gas

Burping is so inconvenient even for adults. There are some times when some gas is trapped on your body, so you keep burping. If this happens to your baby, you may feel so worry on your baby, and I know the baby will feel so inconvenient but they can’t communicate it. Some expert said that you don’t have to worry as it will heal by itself, but some things here can be done to at least reduce since break the gas is really hard to be done.

The first thing that you need to suspect is the food consumption. Since the baby is eating from the breastfeeding, try to identify what kind of food that the mother consumes. We know well that food is not the only cause of this gas, but try to like reduce some diets on mother would be an alternative to be done. However, this is of course really hard not as easy as it said.

Checking the formula drink for baby would also need to be done. If you buy a concentrated milk or in powder, then you will need to add some water in this formula. The process of mixing water on the concentrated formula and in the powder may be done by shaking the bottle. The more shaking you do, the more gas made in this mix formula. Therefore, this also can be one of the causes of baby gas.

To prevent the baby burping come, you need to slow the flow of the milk that you give to your baby. You can like giving space for the baby to get some milk if the baby doesn’t seem to take more. You also need to clear air from the bottle if you use the formula. Look at the bottle whether it’s collapsible, angled or vented and make sure no much air can be accessed by your baby.

If then the unwanted gas is already in the baby’s body, you need to make the baby lie flat then move their feet on bicycling move. This way can help the head from turned flat at the time the baby strengthen the upper body. This also can help the gas to move out naturally as it put a lot pressure on any gas.

If everything seems doesn’t work well with those natural ways, you need to consult a doctor or to go to the nearest pharmacy. However, you need to keep in mind that this will cost so much. You can imagine on spending so much money, but it actually can break the gas by itself. The medicine such as Simethicone gas drop that can be found in little tummy gas relief, phazyme and silicon if it’s given lest than 12 times for one day. This medicine is believed to be safe but quite expensive that it cost $12 for only 30 milliliters in one bottle. Even though this kind of medicine is believed as effective, some studies doubt this and suggest that this medicine is not that effective.

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