Tips Breast Milk for Premature and Sick Babies


Premature and sick babies are challenge mother while they want to breastfeed the babies. But breast milk becomes important for them for the baby’s immunity. If the baby cannot breastfeed after they birth, the mother can provide milk via bottle or with the help of a doctor. Mother’s breast milk can also be preserved so when the baby is ready to get intake the milk, the mother can easily get milk supply.

Premature babies need milk which is slightly different from a normal baby. The mother produces milk according to the needs of the baby so that the baby’s needs will be met. Milk for premature babies needs a higher protein and minerals, such as salt. Fat needed by premature infants is also different. Premature babies need fat which is easily absorbed by the body. Fats have benefits for brain growth. Breast milk contains an easily absorbed nutrition than formula milk. Formula milk derived from cow can sometimes cause infections in premature infants. In addition, breast milk contains higher immunity to help the baby to regulate his immune system.

Medical personnel are the most important thing for breastfeeding mothers. Many hospitals had have service neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to help mother’s breastfeed. Consultation with the doctor consistently is the key. Medical assistance will help the baby get adequate nutrition so that they will have optimal growth. If your baby cannot breastfeed due to illness or too little breast pump aid becomes very necessary. Once again, the doctor help is very important here.

Babies should get a regular intake of milk especially at the eating time. Breasts can be pumped as much as six to eight times a day. Mothers need a breast pump periodically and adjust sleep patterns to get a regular supply of milk. If necessary, the mother can use a double pump to pump two breasts simultaneously. This will help the mother care the baby in more efficient way. For mothers with premature babies, mothers just need to pump for a hundred minutes in twenty- four hours. Mothers can do smooth breast massage which helps to increase milk production. Massage unanimously in part around the nipple. Massage gently and slowly.

At first, the mother will only get a little colostrum. However, little colostrums would be very beneficial for the baby. In some cases, expressing the colostrums is Easier with a hand massage. The colostrums are placed into a small cup or spoon. Normally, the amount of milk that can be expressed is fluctuating. It decrease and increase day by day. As a result, mom needs to increase the number of the milk expression hour to maintain the optimal milk supply.

To make breast-fed babies that cannot be familiar with your breasts, you can touch your nipples on baby’s lips and skin. In this way, the baby will feel familiar with your breasts.
Before going home, medical personnel will ensure that your baby has enough nutrients. When it is at home, make sure the baby is getting enough breast milk supply. You can freeze the milk to get sufficient milk supply. Mothers need enough information for a good breastfeeding. Therefore, the mothers must be diligent to have a consultation with the doctor to get a good nursing.

The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

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