Treatment and Prevention Action for Mastitis

Treatment and Prevention Action for Mastitis

The hygiene of the mother is needed to be carefully taken care of. Because, it will affecting the mother as well as the baby health since they are will be sharing food from breastfeeding. Do not allow your breast dirty or have any milk left over because it can develop bacteria which will cause disease. Therefore, every time the mother is finished giving her baby the breast milk, it is best to wipe the breast clean so that there is no milk stain left. If you manage to do this regularly, you will have a good health and clean condition around your breast, therefore, it will prevent the development of Mastitis.

The mastitis is developed from bacterial caused by a left over milk on the breast. It can cause a skin rash, swollen, pain, and itchiness. Besides, if the mastitis is quiet severe, it can also causing fever and nausea. If you had one of these symptoms, it is best to consult to your doctor right away before it is getting too severe. The doctor will give you the prescription for antibiotics, and you should complete the prescription. Do not stop in halfway because it will make it easier for another mastitis to increase. Some women often think that the antibiotics will affect the milk for her baby; therefore, she did not take the antibiotics or stop earlier. If you are among these women, you have nothing to worry about, because it is completely not true. It would not harm your baby and with doctor’s prescription, you can have a normal and safe amount of the drugs. The hot or warm compress can also help to reduce the pain as well as swelling.

For a better treatment of mastitis, you also need to get plenty of rest and drink more fluid. This way, you will have a faster cure of the mastitis. Furthermore, continuing the breastfeeding will be good for the healing process. Because it can help reduce the tension of the milk inside your breast, therefore, it reduces the pain and the amount of milk that it contains.

If you are worry that a mastitis will somehow affecting your baby, I can assure you that it will not. Your baby is completely safe from the disease though the taste of your breast milk could get a little salty, and your baby might refuse it at first. Instead, the breast feeding process will help you to cure the mastitis faster. However, if you are experiencing severe pain in the infected breast, it is likely that you cannot handle the pain when you are breast feeding. If this happens, you can switch the breast feeding to the other side of a breast. Therefore, you will still able to feed your baby. However, your breast milk from the infected breast should still need to be removed. You can use the breast milk pump to remove them, or you can put a towel on the infected breast when you are breastfeeding with another breast, therefore; the milk will still come out and absorbed by the towel.

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