Umbilical Crad Core For New Born Babies

new born baby

For new born babies, keeping the umbilical cord dry and clean is necessary. The cord is needed to dry and clean until it is wrinkle and fall. For 5 to 21 days babies, it is important to not to do soak bathe but only wipe the baby’s body. It is necessary to keep the cord dry. Moreover, when using diaper, do not keep the diaper to its umbilical cord. Just keep it under the cord to make sure that the baby’s cord is dry and keep it away from the urine. When the cord falls down, the blood can be seen on the baby’s diapers. Mom does not need to scare because it is a normal condition. The blood will stop as the cord falls off. Normally, it takes two months for the cord to fall off. If the cord does not fall, mom needs to consult with the doctor to give another treatment for the cord. However, mom should aware about the bleeding which is happened during the fall cord. Because if the cord is continuing to bleed and the blood do not stop, mom needs to consult with the doctor to protect the baby from any infection. The medical treatment for baby is needed.

There are many signs of infection which can be captured by mom whenever the blood flows during the cord fall. The first is the red skins around the base of the cord. The red skins indicate that the baby’s body tries to protect him from any infection. Baby can cry when the skin is touched because inflammation is happening and the skin can be swelling. Another signs of infection are the foul-smelling yellowish which is discharge from its cord. The foul smelling indicates that there is something wrong with the baby’s cord.

On the post fall umbilical cord, the cord should completely dry so that the cord can come back to its normal condition. However, in some cases, the cord can form granuloma which is the red mass scar of tissue. This condition will be healing on several weeks. But if it does not heal, doctor treatment is needed to take the granuloma from baby. Doctor will burn the granuloma tissue to completely take it.

For babies, taping the cord area is harmful. It is because the risk of hernia can be bigger. Hernia is a disease caused by the decline in the testicles as the weakening of the abdominal wall muscle layer. When baby is crying, the umbilical cord is pushing outward because of the hole in the muscular side of the abdomen. It is not a serious disease because it will heal on twelve of eighteen months. However, for African babies, it usually takes a little bit longer.

In short, keep the umbilical cord for baby is necessary. Mom needs to diligently clean this are to make sure that the baby’s cord is clean and hygiene. Mom does not need to hesitate to consult with baby’s doctor if something not normal happen to baby’s umbilical cord.

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