Vision Development on Baby’s First Year

Vision Development on Baby’s First Year

Recognizing the growth of your baby will be very useful. Some parents should be equipped with the knowledge vision capability when the baby is developing well with the following conditions:

  • Newborns are able to see, but still limited. Eye movement is still active and less sensitive. Newborns can recognize faces, shapes and bright colors. But still in the observation stage.
  • Infants up to the age of four months shall recognize objects with detail and identify specific colors. For their attractive colors are red and green.
  • Since the age of 4 months, the baby’s eyes begin to work binocular, which means the left and right eyes will adjust to each other. Their vision will be clearer, and they would have liked more detail and curious.
  • After the age of one year, the baby’s eyes could see perfectly, and should continue to be seen in the stimulation and growth.

Recognize the development of baby’s eyes is very important. Even though your child seems to develop faster, but it helps you keep bringing your baby regular eye test. Determination of eye development vision should be done by looking at the development of both eyes. Your baby should have both eyes growth with equal ability.

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