When Baby Ready for Their Solid Food?

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After birth, newborns are likely to have breast milk as the only food supply. The milk from her mom contains much nutrition which is necessary for the growth of the baby. Giving an exclusive breastfeeding is also important for baby. Mom need to meet the baby’s need. Breastfeeding is also important for baby’s psychological conditions. However, baby does not only need breast milk. They need another food supply to fulfill their nutrition need.

When breastfeeding and formula is not enough, baby is just ready to start their new adventure on the solid food. Solid food need to be introduced to the baby as their preparation on their future life when their need cannot be fulfilled by breast milk. Hence, the baby physical skills are needed to make their digestive system ready for solid food. Mom can do many things to help their baby ready for solid food. Many physical contacts can be done by mom to help their baby.

First, help your baby to head their head up. Baby can lift their head up, but you need to wait until 3 or 4 months. Help your baby to sit. Baby usually can be able to sit in their 6 month. But help her to support her back to make her sit in a pretty way. When baby reach their 13 pounds or double their birth weight, baby is ready to tackle their solid food. Open their mouth widely to make them be able to absorb their food.

Mom needs to be careful on giving food to baby. Mom need to know when to start feeding and when to stop. Those all the tips that can make a baby able to get their solid food and meet their need. If those tips above are done by mom, baby can absorb their food easily. Hopefully it is helpful for mom.

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